Restore. Revive. Recover

In isiZulu, the word ‘Phila’ means to be in good health
and the word ‘Sonke’ speaks to the idea of togetherness.

Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative focuses on good health and togetherness
because, together, we can help each other recover and live better.

Bridging the health inequality gap within local communities

Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative is an organisation that gives survivors of traumatic events, resulting in disability or impairment, the services and facilities to aid rehabilitation, both mentally and physically.

The NPO funds public-private healthcare partnerships that promote a healthy lifestyle and help patients overcome hardships which ultimately change, not only the lives of the individual but of the communities they reside in.

Telling the stories of the community

“In November 2016, I suffered a stroke. I was unable to walk or do basic tasks. I even had difficulty talking. I could not go to church or take part in community activities.”
– Nomsa Tshabalala

“In April 2017, I was shot in the neck which resulted in quadriplegia. When I left the hospital in a wheelchair, I could not even push it myself and needed help.”
– Sifiso Ngcobo

Join our wellness initiative

Do you want to offer your private healthcare services to communities in need? Are you committed to providing high-quality, low-cost healthcare services? We fund the services of accredited healthcare providers on a low-cost, non-profit basis.



Making communities well again

Watch how Phila Sonke changes lives

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