There’s no escaping the natural process of ageing. For the vast majority of us, we can’t stretch as far as we used to, or even get out of bed without groaning.

Everybody ages, but it’s certainly possible to age well. It just means that we need to focus on the functional abilities and well-being of our bodies as we get older.

From around age 50, we slowly start to lose muscle mass and bone density. The rate at which this happens is largely influenced by our environment and our lifestyle, which includes watching what we eat, not smoking, and drinking in moderation.

Prevention is always better than cure, and knowing what’s going on with your body can help reduce the risk of various diseases and even save your life. Simple tests like getting your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar tested regularly is key. All of these health checks are easy to do, and usually just require a pin-prick.

Blood pressure that’s too high puts strain on your heart and arteries and vastly increases the chances of having a stroke or heart attack. High cholesterol has equally harmful implications on your cardio-vascular system, while monitoring your blood-glucose levels is essential for preventing and managing diabetes. Diabetes that’s not managed properly can lead to serious complications such as kidney problems and a loss of eyesight.

High blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose that goes unchecked is dangerous; all three are known as ‘silent killers’ – once symptoms appear it means that there’s a very serious problem.

It’s age-old advice (excuse the pun!), but, along with regular health checks, the benefits of exercise can’t be emphasised enough when it comes to healthy ageing. And there’s no need for expensive gym memberships – even just incorporating more movement into your daily routine to start off with makes a huge difference. Take the stairs instead of using a lift, or take advantage of your nearest outdoor gym – it’s free.

We all age differently so it’s important not to compare your ageing journey to others. Make sure that you are doing what’s right for you and your body: you only get one body so make sure you look after it.

Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative promotes various wellness initiatives, including blood pressure and blood-glucose monitoring. Contact us for more information.

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