We all tend to take our health and bodies for granted – until something happens. Then most of us spiral into despair, wishing we could turn back the clock.

It’s estimated that one-billion people live with disabilities worldwide, and many still suffer outdated stigmas and discrimination as a result of being differently-abled.  

Each year, 3 December serves to break the stigmas, as well as to remind those who have not suffered a disability to cherish all their abilities. It also serves to remind those who are living with a disability to not lose hope.

The International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWP) is a United Nations-sanctioned day that is celebrated around on the world. It aims to raise awareness and understanding of the issues that those living with a disability face, but it also aims to celebrate achievements and successes.

Each year, this day focuses on a different issue and assigns a theme, with 2019’s theme being:

“The Future is Accessible”

Mindsets are changed and opportunities are created when people are empowered. When people are empowered they are more motivated to take on challenges and inspire change in themselves and others. And who better to empower them than their own community?

Community-based rehabilitation is a movement that is slowly being implemented by organisations globally. It is a movement aimed at rehabilitating those with disabilities so that they can return to their role in contributing towards society on an equal level with others.

The Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative is one such organisation that aims to provide private healthcare, rehabilitation and support to those in need, but who are unable to financially afford the exorbitant costs.

It is Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative’s mission to see that those living with a disability in low-income communities are able to live their lives with dignity and pride.

Learning to live with a disability is hard both mentally and physically – there are no two ways about it. But what’s also certain is that a disability does not mean the end. With the right help and support, there’s no reason that anyone living with a disability could not continue to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Do you want to be part of empowering one-billion people? For more information on how you can make a difference and change lives, contact us.

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