Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative takes the strengthening of underprivileged communities seriously.

Through community profiling, the organisation collaborates with the Wits Physiotherapy Department, where basic health data is gathered on all attendees who go to the Ekhaya Health and Fitness Gym, an affordable gym in Dobsonville that helps make exercise accessible to low-income communities.

What is community profiling, and how can it benefit a community?

In a nutshell, community profiling gathers demographic and health data from a particular community for the purpose of understanding that community’s health needs. The PSWI Dobsonville Community Profiling Project focuses on collecting basic health data of consenting gym attendees, such as weight, height, blood pressure, and blood sugar readings, as well as simple mobility measures. This data is then used to understand the health needs of the Dobsonville community and to structure health programmes to meet those needs.

PSWI is grateful for the ongoing contribution of the Wits Physiotherapy Department and the Ekhaya Health and Fitness Gym towards the PSWI Dobsonville Community Profiling Project, and the building of community wellness.

To find out more about Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative and how we help communities in need, contact us.

To find out more about the Ekhaya Health and Fitness Gym contact them on 011 988 3683 or

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